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Tim Schafer Tim

Or at least, rub the world’s nose in a big pile of Psychonauts.

G4TV is handing out its annual Carmen Electra Game Awards, and The Excellent Game Psychonauts is nominated for “Best Original Game!” Go there now and vote!!

I wonder which rapper will accept my award?

Now, democracy is never easy. If you go there and vote, there are some tricky parts, but I’m going to walk you through it.

1) You have to sign up for a free G4TV account. Wahhhh. Cry me a river, you baby. I promise you it will take you almost no time at all. Like, negative time, really, because doing this kind act will actually ADD hours to your life.

2) You have to vote in all categories (I actually didn’t test this out, but it feels like it’s true.) If you don’t have a preference in the audio categories, might I suggest—for your considerationGod of War, because our old sound guy Clint Bajakian worked on that. But you should NOT vote for God of War for “Best Original Game.” You should vote for PSYCHONAUTS. God of War has had a good enough year without you. They don’t need this. If you vote for them, they will laugh at you from on top of a big pile of money. “Thanks for the vote, dude! If you are a dude. I can’t tell—You really all look like ants from up here.”

3) IMPORTANT (kinda): Your vote doesn’t count until you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Cast my votes.” Yes, computers are not really all that smart after all.

I know it will be tough, but once we win I promise to split all the prize money with everyone who votes for us!!! Thanks for your love and support.

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