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The game is AWESOME and everything is so freakin’ INCREDIBLE I think I’m gonna die.

Tim Schafer Tim

Here is another update about the excellent game Psychonauts which shall be released for your enjoyment holiday 2004: My foot is feeling just a smidge better.

Also: somewhere along the line (September 9, 2003) the Double Fine Action News flipped over into some weird font (

Times New Roman

) and NOBODY TOLD ME. Here I am, trying to look like a professional on the International Network of the Computers, putting my hand-made sentences and stuff out there for all to read, in a font with a goddamned SERIF on it!!! It’s like I put little shoes on every letter.

(Orthopedic shoes, no less, just to ensure that each and every letter would get teased and picked on at school. Worse than that! It was like those poor little letters had to run out of the house in the morning to try and catch the school bus to go get their day’s worth of teasing, but they’d trip over their clumsy, orthopedic serifs and collapse into a tearful heap on the lawn while the bus driver honked and the sans serif kids on the bus laughed cruelly—and right at that moment when they looked up to me for fatherly support and protection, I spit on them and said, “You know, I’m not even your real father. Your real father had a pony tail and drove a pick-up with a heart-beat painted on the side and wore this big Tasmanian Devil T-shirt all the time, and even HE didn’t love you.”)

That’s what it was like. I would say that everybody was laughing at me, except nobody said nothing, which can only mean one thing: nobody is reading the Double Fine Action News.

Thank god. That means I can do anything I want. Anything at all! I am completely unaccountable! Nobody is listening. I’m going to take off my clothes and type the rest of this naked! It doesn’t matter! No one will know!! From here on out, I am unrestrained by the rules of your world. The only boundary I know? My imagination.


Well, I’m out of ideas.

Here’s a dancing liver:

An image from the Double Fine archive.

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