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Tim Schafer Tim

Sorry to disappear like that, but the wave of information about the excellent game Psychonauts kept me down for a long time. The burden of such an enormous, beautiful truth weighed upon me heavily, but I am not complaining. Like the noble burro, I suffer without a thought for myself. Sure, it would be easy to collapse and maybe break down in donkey tears under the hot sun. And yes, I could have scraped this burden off on a rock or a low-hanging tree branch. But I know that I must carry this news all the way to its final destination, because people will die without their Psychonauts information!

Here is one that you have to know right away, and probably already do: Majesco has put up an awesome new Psychonauts page for your pleasure. Check it out. (Special thanks to Jimmy from Psycho Charger for that URL!)

Anyway, new president, blah blah blah vote blah.

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