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Tim Schafer Tim

More press!

Try to keep up will you?

Go out and buy the November Issues of both Official Xbox Magazine AND Official PlayStation Magazine, the December issue of Computer Gaming World, and the October issue of Play, and read all of the excellent coverage those excellent magazines gave to the excellent game Psychonauts. Then, after you calm down from all that and your heart rate returns from normal, call your secretary and block off a whole afternoon of free time before you settle in with the November issue of XBOX Nation. They did a whole story on the sexy company Double Fine, in all our sexiness. Some of our people are shown reclining on bean bag chairs. That’s how sexy it is. Make sure you are alone, in case you feel inclined to kiss any of the photos.

There is even more press than this, but I refuse to tell you about anymore until you GO OUT AND BUY THOSE MAGAZINES I just mentioned. Go on. Do it.

I’ll just sit here quietly until everybody’s ready to continue.

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