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Amnesia Fortnight 2012 is back on sale in the coolest possible way!

Ever since the Humble Amnesia Fortnight Bundle ended, we’ve wanted to make the whole thing available for purchase again, but we wanted to wait until we had the perfect way to do it. And we finally figured it out: It’s a two-disc Special Edition Box Set containing all five AF2012 prototypes, the whole 2 Player Productions documentary on Blu-ray, the AF2012 original soundtrack, and three bonus prototypes from past Amnesia Fortnights.

We even pestered an artist from each of the five teams to make a custom Collector’s Edition slipcase, which will be signed by the appropriate team lead. They did a bang up job, even under duress! (They’ll probably be fine.)

Does this sound good to you? Obviously yes, it does. So go check it out!

Note that we are currently only taking pre-orders on the boxed edition. However, you’ll get a download code immediately, so you don’t have to wait to start playing! And watching! And listening! Then, soon enough, you’ll receive a ridiculously attractive box in the mail and won’t that be swell?

01/31/2013 - 06:11 PM
01/31/13 - 09:00 PM

"In a few days when I get my money, this shall be mine!"
02/01/13 - 02:37 PM

"You might have already answered this question somewhere, and maybe this isn't even the right place to put this question, but do you plan on ever finishing the prototypes and make the final cut available? They might just be worth your time. Best regards."
02/06/13 - 07:11 AM

"Ohh you f(r?)iends of my wallet! Hope it will be available for some time *saving routine iniated*."
02/06/13 - 07:13 AM

"*initiated (typical)"
02/10/13 - 04:59 PM

"Dude, you should have mentioned the new (old) podcast you released about Amnesia Fortnight! how else would we know to listen to it? :)"
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