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Holy cow,

...we’re busy here. Did I mention that we’re going to Comicon? And by “we” I mean me ‘n’ GWAR?

And that we also appear in the new Edge magazine (minus the GWAR)?

And that you can see a commercial for Brütal Legend in the theater if you go see Brüno? (Did you think the spelling was an accident?)

And also, have I mentioned that we’re busy? Rocktober is going to be Rockhere any Rocksecond.

There’s not too many words you can succesfully add “Rock” to in that same Roctober way. There’s Rocktagon, Rocktopus, and Roctomom. And you could say, “That date was horrible because of all the rockward pauses in the conversation.” And maybe, “I sealed up the tile around the tub with rocking fluid.”

Ew. That sounds weird.

I heard the new season of That Seventies Show is starting in Octopher.

My favorite 8-sided chocolate bar is a Octoblerone.

Yes, this whole thing is dumb, but face it: No matter how much you try to forget it, our launch date is something you will always Revember.

07/14/2009 - 10:30 PM
07/14/09 - 11:53 PM
Apple Pop:

"You know what else you should come to? PAX 09. I promise that there will be a Sasha this year. Also, more bacon. Don't you WANT the bacon, Tim?? Would dipping it in blackberry jam tempt you more so or would you just flee? For goodness sakes, you missed Raz battling a man in a giant bacon costume last year! You can't miss any more fantastic adventures like that!"
07/15/09 - 12:46 AM
Code Echo:

"New news! Yaaaay!! We missed you! Also, there better be LOTS of pictures coming back from PAX this year, Apple."
07/15/09 - 01:08 AM

"Hey look, everyone! My first DFAN comment! Yay. :D I agree, though. I want some super fantastic pictures to look over while envying you for being able to go to PAX in the first place. *sigh* If only I still had my Dr. Loboto costume I wore on Halloween '05. The needlework on the buttons was so bad though that it ended up coming apart, haha. Ah, well. Can't expect a first try to be great-worthy!"
07/15/09 - 05:54 AM

"I wish I could live in America just so I could go to sweet events like this, I could also go to San Francisco and stalk Double Fine!!! YAY!! You know... Australia is an awesome country but it sucks to be a gamer in it, you have to put up with slow internet (and that god aweful filter there introducing) and Michael Atkinson proving he really is captain doochebag by not letting us have mature games and we miss out on events like the comic con. AGHg!!!"
07/15/09 - 07:37 AM

"Jeg elsker ostemadder! I just need some Brütal Legend advertising in ALDI! That would be just my luck."
07/15/09 - 08:53 AM

"Woo! Great news that you're so busy and that there's even a theatrical trailer!?!? WOW! (Any chance we can see it?) Also, "Revember"? Groan :)"
07/15/09 - 08:53 AM

"Also, can you get me tickets to Comi-Con? Thanks."
07/15/09 - 09:24 AM

"Be sure to "Bring Back The Bomb" if you know what I mean, haha. 3 Inches Of Blood are with you, too, apparently. You're a "Deadly Sinner" for not mentioning them! I guess Unholy Pink are a local act, so I have no good song puns about them. Right now, I've got to start working on the fake ID and plane tickets..."
07/15/09 - 02:12 PM
Trogdor The Burninator:

"Tim! I missed your dulcet non-existent tones! Game looks great! I'm super psyched for Rocktober!!! I'm surprised when you were on a lame pun tirade that you didn't say like "Ruber Cool" (Rock + Uber Cool)."
07/15/09 - 10:57 PM

"Oh man it was sooo cool to see and advert for Brütal Legend when I went to see Brüno! I cannot wait to get it this Rocktober! :D"
07/17/09 - 01:31 PM
Leroy Octopus:

"Oh, I just noticed there was a comment section for these news posts. Anyway, I liked the puns Tim even if every one else didn't. I know your probably busy, but could we maybe get a couple more news posts more often? I haven't been on Twitter in ages."
07/17/09 - 09:26 PM
Jump Button:

"There was no Brutal Legend trailer in front of Bruno in my theater. :/ Bruno was funny though so they made up for the theater's MISTAKE"
07/18/09 - 05:11 PM

"Are you actually going to have a booth, or will you merely be wandering around aimlessly like the rest of the sweaty, pulsating throng?"
07/20/09 - 02:10 AM

"rocking fluid lol"
07/20/09 - 06:36 AM
Cyclone of Mystery:

"I should not be this amused by the word "Roctober." But I am. Ah well."
07/20/09 - 06:46 AM

"I don´t know, I feel like all this "release the most awesome game ever" business is taking the focus from Nathans Comic. It needs more updates is what I'm trying to say."
09/06/15 - 07:45 PM
James 33:

"Nous-mêmes viens de Wisata Pulau Tidung et je l'aime vraiment jouer à des jeux, en particulier une fois que les jeux de guerre. Ma maison est un lieu touristique qui rend de plus en plus encombré du visiteurs tournée quand nous-mêmes joue aux jeux. Afin de ceux d'entre vous lequel veulent sur la savoir plus de détails là où nous-mêmes vis, il vous est possible de lire mon article intitulé Pulau Pari"
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