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Thanks, PAX, for being AWESOME

I just got back from PAX. Please let me share some memories and a little bit of swine flu with you.

My favorite thing was the awesome cosplay. I’ve seen Apple and Oya dressed as Raz and Lili before, but only in photos. At PAX we totally got to hang out and somewhere, someone has a picture of all three of us together to prove it. Until that surfaces, please enjoy this this blurry one:

And holly smokes, is that what I think it is? The first Ophelia costume I have ever seen? Yes it is! And from Conley of the Cookies, no less. So awesome.

In case you ever wonder what it’s like to sit on a panel at PAX, here is what it feels like:

Greg Zeschuk from Bioware was one of the other panelists.

He said he wanted to make a joke about character being the “core” of storytelling using that apple core as a visual aid, but I talked him out of it. (I told him it would be to “corny” as I held up an ear of corn.)

If you want to find out who I’m punching in the face here, you’re going to have to watch my video tour of PAX that I took hand-in-hand with Jeff Gerstmann.

Okay, I’m changing my mind. My favorite part of PAX was actually meeting Old Grandma Hardcore in person. She was so sweet and didn’t swear once. Check her out in her Double Fine hoodie:

That was such a fun time! And I didn’t even get sick!
Oh no. I hope I didn’t just jinx it.

UPDATE: I told you! I wasn’t lying! I know people!

(Thank you, Red Firey, for the photo. Do you like the gentle blur I added to it? It makes my hand look all fuzzy.)

Also, there is now an in-depth, epic description of OGH adventures at PAX for you to enjoy. With pictures!

09/10/2009 - 08:04 PM
09/10/09 - 10:44 PM
Awkward Turtle:

"It's official. Apple Pop is the queen of the Double Fine Action News."
09/10/09 - 11:16 PM
Apple Pop:

"I have a photo of the TRIO OF DEATH. I can send it your way via Klint-mail! And why did I not see this Ophelia walking around? Blashphamy I say! (I feel like that photo she snuck into was like a "Where's Waldo?" because of how I sat there stumped for a few minutes as I searched for her. Thankfully, I escaped piggy-flu free, but rather with a mild cold. If you have any lingering swine flu, you should punch it out, just like that picture!"
09/11/09 - 12:00 AM

"Awesome, I am totally in that photo. The only one actually looking at the camera. Great, great panel."
09/11/09 - 03:00 AM

"..unfortunately, i did NOT escape the 102.6 degree f. cold... ugh XD but it was SO freaking worth i! (i also have a pic if you would like me to send it over fiber-optic mail XD) *attempts to punch the sickness* BAM *oww.....* TIM!! you made it completely AWESOME!!!!!! XDDD"
09/11/09 - 08:26 AM

"...How did you even take that first picture? Did you hold your legs up in front of you while sitting on a mail box or something?"
09/11/09 - 03:41 PM
Leroy Octopus:

"I didn't know Old Grandma Hardcore was a Double Fine fan. You show that random guy Tim! You show him with your fist!"
09/11/09 - 04:01 PM

"No stealing of yo-yos? Good."
09/11/09 - 04:43 PM

"I got a picture with Tim Schafer too! The man is incrawesome. Which is a word I just made right now, that's a mix of incredible and awesome."
09/12/09 - 01:46 AM
Arrested Developer:

"The Rasputin in the bottom picture looks like Martha Plimpton from The Goonies."
09/12/09 - 04:29 AM
Leroy Octopus:

"@ Arrested Apple is a very beloved member of the Double Fine community. Please don't make fun of her. Especially since she might read this."
09/12/09 - 04:07 PM
Chief Wakamakamu:

"Indeed! Pop is awesome. I'm going to restate the fact that I live in seattle and have never been to PAX."
09/12/09 - 06:35 PM

"Damn, I was hoping to catch Tim at the GamesCom and have him sign one or ten of my Schafer-related-posters... unfortunately I wasn't able to track him down (and the people at the EA-booth didn't even know who he was... sacrilege!!! I had them get fired though.)"
09/13/09 - 04:32 AM
Apple Pop:

"Thanks, Arrested. ;)"
09/13/09 - 04:56 AM

"You guys have all insulted Martha Plimpton by making out that she is not attractive! Do you even know who Arrested is talking about? If Arrested thinks like I do, he was paying Apple a compliment."
09/14/09 - 05:00 PM

"I wish I could have been there"
09/14/09 - 09:39 PM

"Awesome, hope double fine makes a truck full of money with this game so they can buy the full throttle license from darth vader. Buying Brutal Legend day one. Rock on Tim!"
09/15/09 - 09:22 PM

"I hadn't heard of Old Grandma Hardcore and didn't know I needed a person like that to exist, until now."
03/26/15 - 06:45 AM

"The makers of rush-my-essay surely contain something to be elated of. This point fashions total these further locations stare want dwarves in this bureau. It is further a objection to these further locales."
09/06/15 - 07:37 PM
James 33:

"Ich komme aus Paket Pulau Tidung ferner ich liebe, Spiele zu spielen, besonders, wenn die Spiele dieses Krieges. Mein Haus sieht sich als touristischer Ort der welt, der es immer überfüllt mit Besuchern Tour, falls ich Spiele spielen macht. Für diejenigen unter Ihnen, die wollen, um andere Informationen zu erhalten, wo ich lebe Sie meinen Artikel mit dem Titel Pulau Pari lesen wissensstand"
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