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I love our Neighborhood

Tim Schafer Tim

No, I can’t explain why the dry cleaners around the corner from Double Fine has a SEVERED HUMAN LEG in the window display. Maybe for good luck? Left over from Mardi Gras? Someone tried to leap over the machinery and came short? Someone just forgot they had the leg in their shirt pocket when they took it in to get laundered? It’s not severed at all but some guy just walked in there and passed out before that wall was built and they were too lazy to move him so they just sheetrocked and painted around his leg, and in the next room someone’s asking, “What’s this one-legged man with two shoes doing in here?” I cut off my own leg and threw it in there and then hopped over to the window to take a picture before I lost too much blood, all so I’d have something to post today that wasn’t Brütal Legend-related?

Well, joke’s on you because this IS Brütal Legend-related. I just wanted to point out one of the many excellent things you will see if you play Brütal Legend.

Excellent thing # one million: SEVERED LEGS.

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