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Buy Psychonauts from EB Games, and get this:Buy Psychonauts at GameStop, and you get this:
Black velvet playing cards? Well, I never!Psychodelic Tie-Dye shirt? Am I on drugs?

Man, that is like Sophie's Choice, right there.

Let me suggest this solution: Buy TWO copies of Psychonauts, one from each of these fine retailers. Pocket both of the excellent premiums. Play one copy of the game yourself, and enjoy it immensely. Keep the other copy as a loaner.

Why would you need a copy of the game just to loan out? So when people say, "I hate living. I want to kill myself." You can say, "Hm, hold on there. Have you played the Excellent Game Psychonauts yet?" And if they say, "No," then you can say, "Well you really should play that game before you die." And if then they said, "Hey, can I borrow your copy?" and you only had ONE copy (which is mathematically almost the same as having zero copies) then you might say to the person, "No way. If you're going to die soon then I'll never get it back!" And even if they said, "No, I promise! I'll leave a note on it saying that if I die someone should give this game back to you," you probably shouldn't do it because what if they kill themselves with a shot gun and the note gets covered in brains? Big problem, that's what.

But if you had a loaner copy you could just keep one, and lend one to your sad friend, probably saving his or her life. How much do your friends' lives matter to you? Well, take that number and add to it a number that represents the pleasure of owning a deck of Psychonauts playing cards and the joy of wearing a Psychonauts t-shirt, and I'll bet that is worth at least $5 more than the total cost of two copies of Psychonauts. Q.E.D. I win.

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