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More plugs!

Yes, plugs may be considered a form of advertising, but listen—we are giving you the comics for free, so choke down the plugs! And the “ads” are only for the extracurricular activities of our exceptional staff. Here’s why this is really a testament to you, the fans: I know it is annoying to wait for a game to come out. Even an excellent one like Psychonauts. But if you sample the individual creative works of the team one by one, that will make it a much richer experience when you finally get to hear them singing together in one mighty voice, in the holy choir that is our game. Oh, so here’s the plug:

Go to the Bottom of the Hill TOMORROW NIGHT and witness hard-working Double Fine programmer Anna Kipnis unleash the fury of her rock. She is playing drums and keyboards and singing with the Husbands. I think I’m going to go, and if you go, then make sure that you let me know that you’re there, so I can aim at you when I stage dive.

If you live elsewhere and you are bored with these plugs for local events, then please tell me where you live and I’ll plug something there. I’m here to help. I’m just trying to keep people busy so they don’t riot before the game comes out. Of course, if you DO happen to riot on accident, make sure you grab yourself a free XBOX so you can play Psychonauts.

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