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Tim Schafer Tim

One of our very own artists here at Double Fine, the talented Mark Hamer, is having a show this week and you should go look at it.

Seriously, you don't know how mad he gets.

It’s at Dalva, 3121 16th Street & Valencia. There is a reception next Monday the 8th, 7-9pm. That’s next Monday night. Come on—like you have something cooler than that to do next Monday night.

You should buy one of Mark’s paintings if you’re lucky enough to get there before they’re all gone, but you should not try to recruit Mark for your own game company because Mark loves Double Fine and hates you and if you try to recruit him he might kill you. No joke there. Mark hates being recruited. When I recruited Mark to come work at Double Fine the only reason I survived was that I happened to be wearing a bear suit.

And if I see you in a bear suit next Monday night, I’ll know what you’re up to, so don’t even try it.


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