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Happy Trenched Day!

Tim Schafer Tim

What? ANOTHER new game from Double Fine Productions? But, didn’t we just release a different game a few months ago?
Yes, we did, my friend. But not like this. Not like…TRENCHED.
Click on this link and then I’ll tell you what it does.
An image from the Double Fine archive.

Did you click on it? Yes? Good, because that’s the link for buying Trenched! Thank you for your purchase! Hey, and why not give it a five-star rating while you’re there?
Click “Read the rest” to find out more about Trenched’s domination of the internet!

Check out our Manliest Trenched Fan competition on Facebook. And why not upload your manliest photo while you’re there?

Tweet a question to us using the #trenched hashtag and watch our video responses!

Play the game live with us this Thursday at 4:00 PST as part of Giant Bomb’s Thursday Night Throwdown.

Sign up to receive your very own in-game Double Fine Paintjob here!

Go! Do all that right now! And we’ll see you out on the battlefield!

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