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Iron Brigade DEPLOYED WORLDWIDE, with matching SHIRT!

Tim Schafer Tim

Iron Brigade, the game formerly known as I can’t remember what, is now available AROUND THE WORLD. No more European embargo! You can download it right now from XBLA. RIGHT NOW! Also happening today, if you already own a game called Trenched, you can download an update that won’t just rename your game to Iron Brigade, but also unlock new loot, leaderboards, and an awesome survival mode for FREE. To celebrate this momentous day in fictional military history, we are releasing a brand new Iron Brigade T-Shirt!

Oh wait, this is NOT a T-shirt! That would get us sued! This I-Shirt features the flying emplacement logo from the hit game Iron Brigade, emblazoned across an olive green American Apparel shirt. Why waste hours at the gym when this amazing garment could give you a MANLIER CHEST in MINUTES!?

P.S. American Apparel shirts run a little small, so unless you are actually wasting hours at the gym, you might want to order up a size.

Now go download Iron Brigade and KILL SOME TUBES!!!

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