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Tim Schafer Tim

Okay, I’ve been looking at CNN and Yahoo News all weekend, and sent in my money to the Red Cross, and then I sent in some more because they asked me for a donation at Safeway, and there was a big line of people at the checkout counter, and what am I going to say? “No! No money for the Red Cross! Now give me my rice milk and Cheerios and don’t give me that look! Don’t you judge me!” So I paid again. But still, I am unsatisfied. The world is still a crazy place. So I have decided that the only solution is to begin living entirely in PinkyToe, my Animal Crossing town.

The biggest problem that PinkyToe has is that there is only one kind of fruit! Peaches! Man, am I ever sick of Peaches! Gah! When will the people of PinkyToe be free of this suffering?

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