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Tim Schafer Tim

Hey, when you get that email spam with the randomly generated text inside, is that copyrighted by the spammer? Do they own that? Or is it in the public domain because it was created by no human, merely the forces of advertising evil?

I think I’ll post some and see if I get sued. I just got this awesome spam today. First they asked me some rude personal questions about my anatomy, and then, possibly because they realized that I was so not in need of the services they were offering, they switched gears and busted out some freestyle verse:

His round-shaped mp3 player got an idea.
Their round bra spit.
Their expensive green computer stares.
The soft recycle bin fidgeting.
Any given round-shaped picture sleeps.
Any given silver cat stinks.
His brothers white glasses prepare for fight the time that our children round boots got an idea. Any given tall glove falls. His silver camera calms-down. Whose bluish-white boat calculates. The round binocyles sleeps while our bluish-white recycle bin shows its value.
Mine tall white boots calms-down at the place that a given tall t-shirt is on fire. Our children green book is thinking.

An mp3 player that’s round-shaped! Imagine that! And it THINKS! and a spitting bra! A computer who seems depressed. A mysteriously fidgeting, and yet soft recycle bin. Wtf? It’s so evocative, so thoughtful. A fresh, uncompromised voice! If I could just find a way to automatically pump my incoming spam into the Double Fine Action News, I would never have to update again!

Okay, I’m taking a nap. While I’m out, the spam’s in charge.


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