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Middle Manager of Justice now on Android

San Francisco, CA—August 14, 2013—Double Fine Productions today announced the release of its superhero management sim Middle Manager of Justice for Android devices.

Middle Manager of Justice lets the player take control of a branch of the crime-fighting organization Justice Corp. As the middle manager, you’ll hire superheroes, improve their stats and abilities, command them in battle, and make the city safe for its fine, upstanding citizens.

Financed as part of a multi-game deal with Dracogen, Inc., Middle Manager of Justice is now downloadable for free on Google Play, following its December release for iOS.

Featured in NVIDIA’s TegraZone, the game plays best on powerful Nvidia Tegra-powered devices. Players who download the game on Tegra devices will have access to exclusive costumes for Crimebot and @Man.

“We can add beautiful high resolution textures to Middle Manager of Justice and depend on fast performance on Tegra-powered devices!” exclaimed project lead Kee Chi.

“Look Kee, we all get how excited you are about Tegra-powered devices. Frankly, a little TOO excited. It’s creeping me out,” said Double Fine president and CEO Tim Schafer.

“It’s not creepy! It’s…the purest love of all,” replied Chi.

“He does really love beautiful high-resolution textures,” Dracogen founder Steven Dengler whispered loudly to Schafer. “But what can I say? After all, it makes the most of the development assets.”

“How are we all talking to each other, anyway? Where are we?” asked Schafer.

“YOU’VE ALL BEEN ENSNARED BY MY DEVIOUS PLOT,” observed Skullface, dastardly nemesis of the Middle Manager of Justice.

“Hold on, let me just load up my game. I’m pretty sure I’ve already beat this guy,” said Dengler, reaching for his phone and causing Skullface to disappear in a cool-looking CPU-intensive particle effect.

“I hope that phone was a Tegra-powered device!” interjected Chi.

“Ha ha ha!” everyone laughed.

“I still don’t really understand what’s going on,” Schafer said, but nobody noticed.

Middle Manager of Justice can be downloaded from Google Play.

The original soundtrack to Middle Manager of Justice, composed by Brian Min, can be purchased through Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and the Double Fine Bandcamp page.


08/14/2013 - 02:43 PM
08/14/13 - 07:20 PM

"I got all excited after seeing this post, only to find out that it's not available in my country. NOOOOO!!"
08/15/13 - 03:49 AM
Hombre Lobo:

"Finally. Already donwloading. Thank you very much DF!"
08/15/13 - 05:21 PM

"Hooray! I can finally play it!"
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