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Tim Schafer Tim

That’s the sound of Double Fine bursting onto the mobile scene with Middle Manager of Justice!

That’s right. The superhero management game you’ve been waiting for is here! And it’s just the first title to be announced of an all new, three-game partnership with our pals at Dracogen Inc.
It’s going to be FREE to play on iOS and will be available soon on iTunes.

“Somewhere between GOOD and EVIL… Between ORDER and CHAOS… Between UPPER MANAGEMENT and the SENIOR STAFF… You’ll find the glue that holds it all together: The Middle Manager… of Justice!” said Kee Chi, the game’s creator, dramatically reading from the marketing text.

“Congratulations!” he continued, “You have been promoted to Middle Manager.. of Justice! You have been chosen to whip the latest branch of Justice Corp into shape! Train and manage your team of superheroes to thwart crime and save citizens around the city! Increase efficiency in your branch by building new facilities and upgrading the equipment! Could it be done without you? Yeah, probably, but it would be sloppy, costly, and demotivating!”

“Wow, a game about Superheroes AND middle management! That’s what I’ve always wanted!” said a soot-covered orphan we hadn’t noticed before hiding in the shadows. “But, surely, a penniless, adorable ragamuffin like myself could never afford an amazing game like that…” He looked despairingly at his iOS device.

“Sure you can,” said Kee, “It’s free!”

“Free? Well then…Looks like it’s HERO TIME!” the orphan declared with a sly wink. Then he kicked aside his crutch, wiped the coal streaks from his face, and stood tall to reveal that he was actually Steven Dengler of Dracogen Inc., stalwart ally of Double Fine Productions!

“All I ask is that you release it in Canada first, so I have a chance to get to the top of the Leaderboards,” added Steve, as he went back to watching that game where the ice skaters fight over the ashtray with sticks.

Now check out our awesome Website of Justice!

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