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Psychonauts 2 Project updates (Page 3/4)

Episode 10 - Asif Joins the Team, Plus E3 plans

There was a strong temptation to make E3 into our next project update for you all, but although it really is close now, it still felt like we’d be silent for a bit too long if we waited. Handily though we have an inspiring team related tale to tell, and this feels like the perfect time to do so.

Episode 9 - Heading into Alpha

Strike Teams! Alpha! Trailers! Christmas! It's all happening!

Dispatches from Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp

Watch a Minisode all about our camp trip this summer!

The Rewards are coming!

The first batch of physical rewards is about to head your way!

Episode 8 - Psychic Powers

In this update we take a deep dive into Raz’s mind to check out his Psychic Powers.

Episode 7 - The Team

We’re back with another glimpse inside the Psychonauts 2 dev machine, where between the whirring cogs and high-tech circuitry we can spy a game being put together brick by brick. In this update: Level teams, Scott C paintings, other rewards, plus: sign up for a chance to come camping with us.

Episode 6 - The Aquato Family

Welcome to another Psychonauts 2 project update! This update is best enjoyed with a hot cup of cocoa by an open fire, but a can of coke by the heating vent will suffice.

Episode 5 - First Playable Milestone

Welcome to another project update for the excellent game Psychonauts 2, work on which you’ll be glad to know is still going strong. Very strong in fact, as we just completed an important milestone that we call our “first playable” and we’d like you to see it.

Episode 4 - We're in Full Production!

We’re back and up to our old tricks of inviting ourselves over to dinner at your place so we can spill the Psychonauts beans all over your table, before disappearing once more into the night. Whilst messy and hard to clean up, our beans are coated in mystery... eat them and you shall learn much!

Episode 3 - Into The Woods We go!

Here we are again with another Psychonauts 2 project update, and it’s a beefy one! We’ve been trying to get this update out for quite some time, but every time we were about to publish it another piece of news would come running down the corridor towards us yelling “Wait! Hold that elevator!

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