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Tim Schafer Tim

Now, I make this website myself with a bunch of pipe cleaners, and some hot glue, and a big rock. It’s not pretty but I think the most important thing about it is that you, the reader, have the pleasure of knowing that I did not have to pay anybody to get it made.

But some people wanted more. Much more. They wanted to read the comics without doing math. They wanted to click on—get this—a button to read the “NEXT” comic!

I said, what do you think this is? Futureopolis? Hey, you know what? I want to eat a pill that tastes just like a hot fudge sundae! I want a tiny dog the size of a hamster that lives on my desk and fetches pencils. I want a car with a drill on the front so I can drive underground. And the car and the tiny dog should also taste like hot fudge. And we will have all of these things some day, IN THE FUTURE, I said. Not now. For now we have to make due with what brains I’ve got. I barely know html. Mostly I just cut and paste from other websites, and just add these things <> until it works.

But what the heck--we have a NEW comics page thanks to Kelli Townley, and her official PHP pal Aidan Dysart. I don’t know how those crazy kids did it but they got the buttons and the new layout and everything working, while I just sit here, no hot fudge, no driving underground, no tiny dog. Still, it’s pretty cool and you should go check it out. If for no other reason than the fact that they have NEW COMICS on it! All new, and in color! It’s time to live again.


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