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Tim Schafer Tim

What the heck are these things and how can I attach them to my body?

The answer to this question and many more can be found in the Double Fine Action Catalog.

Special bonus interview with famous artist Scott C. included!

(It’s not really called the Action Catalog, normally. I was just trying to make it sound a little more exciting in honor of these awesome new buttons that you should buy. Is this text hard to read? Because it’s really easy for me to type it, but I can’t even read it myself. Then again, I am much older than you and my eyes are going. Do you know that this July I will be FORTY years old? Me! The big 4-0! That means that I’ll be one million years old in just 999960 years! OMG why aren’t you buying buttons yet??? Do it now because soon we’ll be too old to enjoy your money!)


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