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Amnesia Fortnight Amnesia Fortnight 2017



Symphonic Strife

By Zach Baharov

A 2D action-platformer in which you control a classical composer creating his latest symphony.


By Kee Chi

A first-person time traveling adventure game played in real time where the world keeps simulating and doesn't wait for your action.


By Amy Price

Based on the trick-taking card game of the same name, Taroky is a game as much about tradition and relationships as it is about cards.


By Greg Rice

A game with optional VR support about kayaking and exploring the majesty of the great outdoors.

Urchin Squad

By Jeremy Mitchell

A 4-player cooperative first-person shooter, where you play a team of teenage superhero hackers.

Vagina Crisis: A Period Piece

By Monica Chin-Perez

A health education game about a 13 year-old girl who gets her first period.

Mega Flora

By Michael Tucker

Play as a small tree spirit overseeing the growth of a tiny natural ecosystem, encouraging plants to pollinate and grow by any means possible.

Soul Garden

By Justin Honegger

A VR puzzle game where the objective is to reverse plants back into seeds and manipulate the environment to make them grow stronger than before.


By Jeremy Natividad

Play a thief who goes to an abandoned castle and gets trapped in a mirror world where a girl that lives there finds you and tries to help you escape.

Pretty Warriors vs. The Chaos Gem

By Emily Johnstone

A board game about magical girls trying to defeat an evil villain.

Play Nice

By Victor Romero

A 3D action-horror game in which the player takes control of a living dummy.

A Slice of Heaven

By Brian Anderle

A space-themed rail shooter in the style of Starfox 64.


By Paul O'Rourke

A team-based 2D fighting game where players face off relay race style until one team is eliminated.

Dr. Human Great Job

By Silvio Terra

You are Dr. Human, the last non-robot working at the Factory.

Video Games Inc.

By Gavin Carter

A fast, cooperative, and silly game development simulator.

Iron Legion

By Geoffrey Soulis

A action-RPG brawler in which the player will be able to move freely between piloting a giant Knight and delving into dungeons on foot.

Liz Miserable

By James Marion

A modern adventure game musical about Liz, a creative girl in a world without creativity.


By Chris Lam

A 3D single-player dance game where you must out-perform your opponents in epic, fantasy hip-hop dance battles.

Jiffy Nuke

By Jared Mills

A 2D couch co-op platformer in which two teams attempt to obliterate each other by quickly assembling and launching a nuclear missile.

Oota's Songs of Happiness

By Miyuki Richardson

A musical action RPG where you need to save the world through the power of song.

The Lunar Gazette

By Matt Enright

As the Editor-in-Chief, you set the tone of the pivotal paper, deciding what news graces the front page and what gets forgotten.

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