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Sweet Psychic Memorabilia!

Harper Jay Harper

Merchandise! Merchandise! It's a fact of life. If there is a character, they will end up on a shirt. If there's a song in a cartoon, there *will* be an album to buy and you will listen to it on repeat in the car as you drive your nephew to swim practice. But look: some merchandise and widgets are actually pretty fockin' cool and there's a fresh batch of Psychonauts goodies from Fangamer that are pretty great. So much so that might've asked my boss about getting me a thing or two. Behold!

This is a mug. It holds liquid both hot and cold and yet when this container has warm contents, a slew of colorful figments will appear! I'm pretty sure Tim had some type of cup like this once but lost it or had to use in his Junk-o-tron Cannon. But hey! We got a figment mug not and if you're someone who doesn't know if things are hot or cold, this mug literally warns you! With imaginative wavy images!

Okay, I'mma be real with you. I actually want this hoodie and asked if they had spares. It's got soft green colors and a mentally charged logo that screams "shield you mind; I can read your every thought." Gotta imagine these are gonna sell out quick.

Last: merit badges. There's two fresh sets with new powers like archetype, time bubble, and mental connection. You can also grab classics like Psi-Blast and telekinesis. Slap 'em on your tote bag and let the world know that you can fire mind bullets!

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