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Well looky what we have here, I found 73 items in the archives tagged “brütal legend”.

  1. News  Brütal Legend Is Back On Vinyl
  2. News  Brütal Legend Unleashes On Game Pass!
  3. Games  Brütal Legend
  4. News  Furious Roadie: Brütal Legend on Sale today only!
  5. DFTV Videos  Brütal Legend - Official Trailer
  6. News  Brütal Legend items extend conquest of Team Fortress 2
  7. News  Brütal Legend now rocking your face on PC
  8. DFTV Videos  Brütal Legend - PC Announcement Trailer
  9. News  Celebrate Rocktober with Tim! On the internet!
  10. News  Double Fine Mega-Action Mega-Sale!
  11. News  Brütal Legend art book announced! Brütal Legend on sale!
  13. News  Congratulations Bioware!
  14. News  BAFTED again!
  15. News  Look what you’ve done to journalism, social media fad!
  16. News  Little, Big, and Brütal
  17. News  Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting
  18. News  Double Fine wins Developer of the Year!
  19. News  Here’s me, enjoying some fine DLC
  20. News  I knew it!
  21. News  Oh man, now I REALLY want one
  22. News  VOTE FOR METAL!!!
  23. News  One Metal Beast could take them all out
  24. News  Tom Chick and I talk about NAKED LADIES
  25. News  Just when I announced I was online every night…
  26. News  One more shot of Jack!
  27. News  Battle Time!
  28. News  Extra! Extra! Local Paper has Awesome Cover!
  30. Comics  DFAC - Special: Brütal Special
  31. News  Our first review!
  32. News  Thanks for the Pre-orders!
  33. News  Tonight: X-PLAY. Friday: Fallon. And then: THE WORLD!!!
  35. News  OMG LEE PETTY OMG!!
  36. News  THE DEMO DROPS TODAY!!! Hey, what the Hell is This Thing?
  37. News  Holy crap!
  38. News  Thanks, PAX, for being AWESOME
  39. News  PAXATTAX!!!
  40. News  Come for the stripping, stay for the Legend
  41. News  Enemies of Rubik, your Death is our Reward!
  42. News  2hb shows up in the strangest places!
  43. News  Next stop, Comic-Con!
  44. News  Commentary video #2 up on IGN!
  45. News  Holy cow,
  46. News  Brütal Legend wins G4TV’s award for “Best Multiplatform Game of E3!!!!”
  47. News  Thanks E3!
  48. News  If you think that big LA Convention Center billboard was expensive…
  49. News  EFF. YES.
  50. News  Well, we had to let someone touch it eventually.
  51. News  Did I mention ROCKTOBER yet? No? Well, give me a break. I was travelling.
  52. News  Live at Budokan
  53. News  Thanks to the readers of 1UP!
  54. News  New PSM3 Cover Glamorizes Brütal Legend, Smoking
  55. News  I love our Neighborhood
  56. News  Let me take you away from all this Death
  57. News  Senator Leland Yee, Ph.D., declares the Game Developers Conference a Double Fine Zone
  58. News  How was your weekend?
  59. News  Correction Plus Humor Retraction
  60. News  Let’s talk about the VGAs some more and never stop until they are here!
  61. News  This Ochre is Welcome Anywhere
  62. News  Luckily, no one will read this
  63. News  Introducing the NEWS THREAT LEVEL
  64. News  Creatively Risky! Colorful! Sticky!
  65. News  I hate you, South Beach Diet.
  66. News  My neck hurts
  67. News  Today in Brütal Legend
  68. News  You gave me so much, when all I asked for was World Peace!
  69. News  Too Much Metal for One Button
  70. News  Merry Christmas! Buy Psychonauts some more!
  71. News  Warning: You are about to read the word “barf”
  72. News  The Time has Come for You to Buy 34 Copies of Game Informer

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